Atelier Aka ☆

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Hello ! I'm Aka and I draw..?

Terms of Service

Can DrawCan’t draw
FFXIV avatars/Game avatars(Please have some form of a ref for colors)Elderly/Super muscular characters.
Semi-nsfw is okay! R18
Anything that’s not on the can’t draw list! Feel free to dm me to check. 
  • ⭐︎ By commissioning me you agree to these terms.

  • USD Paypal/Kofi only | If paypal- Invoices will be sent to paypal email provided. Payment is upfront. I will not start until the invoice is paid.

  • ⭐︎ No refunds once the drawing has been started.

  • ⭐︎ I have the right to decline commissions I may not be capable of drawing.

  • ⭐︎ Turnaround time is about can be up to 1-2 weeks PER commission slot/client. please don't rush me TT. If there are several folks in front of you please please take note of that. WIPS (regular comms only) are only sent upon request on the form, so please let me know in the forms if you’d like me to send WIPS otherwise you will just receive the finished version (Minimal revisions can be made still in that case). feel free to message me anytime for an update if it’s taking a while.

  • ⭐︎You are more than welcomed to post the art finished anywhere as long as credit is given. These are for personal/non-profit use only! You are allowed to print out commissions (whether it be for printing it for yourself or perhaps a gift for friends) so long as it is not for the point of selling it as merchandise. YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO USE MY ART FOR MINTING NFTS, NFT PROMOS OR JUST ANY FORM OF CRYPTO.

  • ⭐︎ If you would like to keep your finished commission private please let me know ^^

  • ⭐︎ Commissions are either sent through a deviant art stash link or a google drive link depending on the type of commission. if you’d like the file sent through email instead please state so in additional info !

✧ Floral Portrait Commissions ✧
[temporarily closed]

Single: $70

  • More Samples here:

  • These are detailed 2000x2000 floral busts. The flowers are handdrawn on each bust

  • With flowers and background colors of your choice or my choice if given.

  • Main focus is centered around the face. Characters with detailed accesorries (hair, neck, ears, etc) are reccomended !

✧ Colored Sketch Commissions ✧
[temporarily closed]

Single: $60
Couple: $110

  • More samples here:

  • These are colored sketches that are about waist/upper thigh-ish...?Simple, quick and rough details are not rendered as clean. There is no main focus on lineart- as I go into painting/rendering right after the sketch.

  • They are about 2500x2500 px in size. I always give the transparent file but you can request for solid color backgrounds or simple patterns

  • Props like weapons, sweets, etc are okay/no charge ! Simple background props like rose/flower petals or stars/sparkles surrounding the character are also no charge

✧ "illustration"✧

(Fill out in the colored sketch form above)
Single: $80
Couple: $150

  • A4 HORIZONTAL drawing featuring colored sketches with a background.

  • This is a "special" option available. Limited. You may put the details of the background in the form. Or DM on twitter before submitting a form if you have any questions.

  • $20 added to regular option. Basically a Extended regular commission with a horizontal background.

  • Recommended backgrounds: flower fields, sweets. Other options may needed to be checked in with first.

✧ Ko-Fi Commissions

  • Can be made through the commission widget or through regular tipping. Please remember to link character references & where to contact you when buying a ko-fi commission ! You may also DM refs on twitter or my toyhouse.



✧ Chibi ✧

(each additional character after is 4+kofis)

  • Sketchy Cheebs | Transparent Background

  • Up to group of Five chibis

  • Animals and props ok!

✧ Icons ✧


  • Bust "Icon shots"

  • 1000x1000

  • Couples are placed on the same canvas, if you’d like matching separate icons please let me know.

✧ Skeb Style (Pay what you want) Doodle page ✧

SINGLE page: $45
COUPLE page : $80
More doodles add on: $20
More rendering/clean up: $25

  • ✨ pay what you want (skeb style; for those who don’t know SKEB is a commission site where you offer a price for a commission request where there are no WIPS inbetween). No WIPS similar to how it is on Skeb. Please do not comm this option if you don’t prefer that! minimal adjustments ok at the end however!

  • - A4 size flat colored doodle page. When a person requests a full page (base page + extra doodles) I provide a version with the chibis on top and a version without the cheebs)

  • - More add ons = more hrs on it.

  • ✨ more doodles & couple options can be added through add ons. You can specify what type of poses you’d like. You can be as detailed as you like with your request for maximum output

✧ Base Page Sample (no add ons)

✧ Extra Doodle sample (no extra render)